We have 15 years experience of building businesses and today work with more than 30 companies
across four continents from our headquarters in Singapore. Our key markets are oil and gas,
agriculture, real estate, construction materials and Vietnam.

Kusto by numbers


Founded in 2002 by Yerkin Tatishev
with three partners

5 Sectors

Agri-business   •   oil and gas   •   Vietnam   •   building materials   •   real estate
10 countries
Operates across four continents in 10 countries:
Canada, China, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan,
Russia, Singapore, Turkey, Vietnam, Ukraine
Employs over 8,000 staff and over 4,800 contractors
With Strong revenue growth since 2002
to over $1 billion TURNOVER in 2015
Designed and built the first buildings
in Almaty, Kazakhstan, certified
to Japanese earthquake standards
From one exploration license
acquired in 2006, Kusto’s KazPetrol Group
now produces 4m barrels of light oil a year
Its Vietnamese building materials group
produces up to 4m tonnes of cement a year —
equivalent to 16% of the domestic market