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Not all data collection is bad.

In the wake of recent scandals relating to the harvesting and use of data, “data collection” is starting to become a dirty phrase, but it needn’t be - By Yerkin Tatishev

Facebook’s share value has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent months, with the fallout from a series of data-related scandals taking its toll. Recently the price of the company’s stock has recovered, but damage has been done to the wider perception of corporate use of data. Despite data collection seemingly becoming a ‘dirty phrase’, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Condemning data collection ignores the growing number of sectors where this advance is bringing unexpected benefits, rather than harm. Read more

Collaborative entrepreneurship key to Brics-growth

Globalization means that investing in emerging markets is no longer a radical idea. There are many reasons why Xi Jinping called for the promotion of BRICS+ last year, and why Jeremy Grantham is advising his clients, and even his family, to look in this direction. The question is no longer “why” or “when”, but “how”?

From his headquarters in Singapore, Kusto Group Chairman Yerkin Tatishev outlines the vital lessons he learnt from driving an expansion into emerging economies – successfully capitalizing on their rapid growth rates, fundamentally, through active collaboration and locally-driven consultation. Read more

True innovation starts with corporate culture

Last month, the EU announced fresh innovation funding for hundreds of businesses across the continent, as part of their Horizon 2020 agenda. Successful applicants will receive free business coaching and acceleration services. Read more

Economic prosperity requires innovation in education

As an entrepreneur, innovation is at the heart of what I do. In the early days of Kusto Group, our success came about by teaching old industry hands how to reinvigorate ailing enterprises in post-Soviet Kazakhstan. Today, I see the same important link between innovation, learning and our survival. Read more

Kusto Group aims to turn its firms into S-E Asian leaders

The mission for Singapore-based private holding company Kusto Group is to transform any business it invests in into a top player in the region. Read more