Kusto Agro

Modern farming
for modern markets

From the field to the shelf — that’s the holistic approach taken by Kusto’s modern farming and food production division. Operating in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Kusto Agro uses the most up-to-date farming and agri-business techniques to ensure that it adds value every step of the way.

Kusto Agro, Kazakhstan

Since Kusto’ Group’s foundation, investing in Kazakhstan and maintaining strong links with the region, the birthplace of Kusto’s founders, has been one of the business’ top priorities. With this in mind, Kusto Agro is expanding its agricultural offering to include locally reared beef. As the first company to export Angus and Hereford cattle to Kazakhstan, Kazbeef is dedicated to producing beef of the highest quality, incorporating new techniques and utilising Kazakhstan’s rich land.

Looking ahead, work will continue across Kazbeef’s four units: pedigree livestock production, feedlots, meat-processing and farming, and will operate in both local and international markets.

«Kazbeef’s way of working mirrors Kusto’s: innovative global practices benefiting local partners»

We are dedicated to producing beef of the highest quality, incorporating new techniques, and taking advantage of Kazakhstan’s rich land.

Kusto Agro, Ukraine

Daulet Nurzhanov, CEO of Kusto Agro, says: “Our rapid growth since 2011 when we were founded is testament to Kusto’s commitment and energy. We are now one
of Ukraine’s leading agriculture companies
by value and helping to change the way food production is approached in the region.
It’s about doing things better but with a long-term plan to ensure that our efforts
are sustainable.”


With its business model of taking land leases of at least five years and by using precision farming and telematics, Kusto is able to maximise yields over the long term to help meet the growing demands of developing markets for foodstuffs and animal feed.
In 2014, Kusto invested in world-class
modern machinery.

Kusto’s land bank held 12,300 hectares
of cultivated land in 2016, which it plans
to increase to 50,000 hectares by 2020.
This would yield 300,000 tonnes of grain.

Kusto also has over 600 head of cattle
on a dairy farm in the Zhytomyr region as part
of its strategy to grow its agri-footprint.

From the field to the shelf – that’s
the holistic approach taken by Kusto

Grain elevators

Its three modern grain elevators were built in 2012 with a combined storage capacity
of 90,000 tonnes. Their annual combined processing, storage and shipment capacity
is currently 320,000 tonnes, which is planned
to rise to about 430,000 tonnes by 2020.
Kusto Agro supplies some 45 per cent of the throughput, with the balance coming from commercial clients.


Kusto uses trucks and equipment from Man, Scandia, Scafco, Strahl and Shmidt-Zeeger
to transport food products for the group and other clients and plans to develop a transport group taking in truck, rail and sea.


Kusto Agro Trading is at the forefront of the value-added integrated agriculture sector, working with mid-sized and large partners in the food industry, with 50 per cent of its output delivered directly
to the final consumer.

Kusto’s farms supply 45 per cent of Agro Trading’s product. It also specializes in niche products such as flax, beans, millet, sorghum, chickpeas, peas, coriander and pumpkin seeds.