Innovation and choice

When people think of residential developments in Eastern Europe and Russia, they imagine
brutal Soviet architecture and grey apartment blocks in anonymous concrete jungles.

Today, Kusto is changing all that. It is creating a whole new market for attractive, modern and flexible
construction materials in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia, bringing innovation and choice for the first time
with superior-quality materials and first-class developers, architects and planners

The demographics and economics of the region indicate strong growth potential and being first to market gives Kusto an invaluable advantage.


From three brand new, purpose-built factories, Kusto is the only supplier of high-quality, coloured, fibre concrete materials in a variety
of sizes for the construction industry.

Today Kusto is bringing innovation and choice for the first time
with its superior-quality materials to developers, architects and planners

This is the first time the region’s builders have had an alternative to the traditional one-size-fits-all, grey fibre concrete materials.

In an effort to improve both the human environment and make buildings more attractive, Kusto’s factories can produce materials in any colour to order, and mass produce four core colours of red, blue, green and terracotta.

As part of its commitment to offering a wide and attractive product range, the factories can also produce high-end Roman-style roof tiles and high-quality conduit pipes for cabling, waste and water. 

Its three companies are: Fibratech, Tectum Engineering and Longlife Roofing and Walls. It also has a market-leading and rapidly-growing construction materials company in its Vietnam division.


Israel has a long tradition of innovation and together with its growing population, strong economy and geographical position it is perfectly placed to act as a springboard for a new global brand.

This is exactly what happened in 2014 when Kusto spotted and acquired Tambour, Israel’s leading paint and gypsum board manufacturer.

Tambour represents the best
of Israeli technology
and manufacturing

Now celebrating its 80th anniversary, Tambour represents the best of Israeli technology and manufacturing. Today, its market stretches across Mediterranean countries into Africa, South East Asia and the Americas and Kusto sees it as an integral part of its expanding construction materials division.

Many of its products, which are used in homes
as well as industries such as aviation, rail, car and shipping, print and construction, have been awarded Israel’s Green Label for environmental standards, and significant research and development facilities keep Tambour at the forefront of its field, creating value
and a sustainable business.

A truly 21st-century company, it has embraced digital media to reinforce its market position, including an interactive website and a YouTube channel with more than 1m views that gives advice and training to DIY customers.