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Kusto is leading the way employing 21st-century building methods and technology to provide
cutting-edge, safe, beautiful, sustainable developments to people across Central
and Eastern Europe and into South East Asia


Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan and
former capital of the country.

It is located in a seismically active area next to
high mountains. Three times it was destroyed by
earthquakes, therefore Kusto is paying special
attention to the quality of the structure of the
project in consultation with Japanese
earthquake expert Kazuo Wantanabe - a
member of Japan’s state commission on
buildings and earthquakes. Watanabe-san
worked with the Group on technical design and
building structure.

Koktobe City is the first project in Kazakhstan
that was issued a Japanese expert certificate on
earthquake safety.

Mr. Murat Utemissov: “It is imperative for us to
use best practices and skills from the leading
markets to create sustainable growth in our
construction division.”

Koktobe City is being developed on 12 hectares
of land in the most prestigious Medeu district of
Almaty. Total construction area is 180,000 m2
with the first nine blocks already completed and
occupied, the next 3 blocks are estimated to be
completed in Q1 2017.

Murat Utemissov – Managing Director of
Kusto Home: “We are committed to providing
high quality livings standards for all our
residential projects”.

Operating in four countries, Kusto’s
Development Division has six real estate
projects in its portfolio. “The strategy that we
apply is focused on creating unique projects
that reflect a strong understanding of local
preferences, demand and cultural
requirements. We put our best efforts into
creating value for every single client, not only
by providing the highest quality construction
solutions, but also by ensuring an
uncompromising commitment to service and
in-house facilities.

We are committed to providing
high quality livings standards
for all our residential projects


Kusto is bringing a new standard of luxury and quality to Ho Chi Minh City by developing the
most unique project on the market –
Diamond Island

The total land area of the project is 8 hectares
with a full 360 degrees waterfront site – it
makes Diamond Island the most private and
exclusive condominium project.

The project consists of two phases with total construction floor area 215,000 m2.

Created for the most demanding and
sophisticated customers, The Brilliant Tower
(Phase 1) completed in 2013 is offering an
exclusive lifestyle that utilizes Feng-shui to
enhance prosperity and vitality. The tower’s
unique world-class design is the brainchild of
the internationally renowned Japanese
architect, Arata Isozaki, who based his
concept on optimal wind circulation and light
distribution to spread prosperous chi and vital
energy to each apartment.

The second phase of the project was
successfully launched on July, 2016 and
estimated to be completed by Q3 2018. It
consists of 5 towers named after the most
famous resort islands in the world – Hawaii,
Bora Bora, Bahamas, Canary and Maldives.

We are daring to change
the market, to offer
a real choice


Kiev is a vibrant mixture of old and modern, with
two World Heritage Sites as well as some of the
best and typical Soviet-era block architecture.
For Kusto, the opportunity to co-develop meant
bringing difference to residential housing.

Murat Utemissov: “As co-investor in Alpiyskiy,
a successful high-end development in the heart
of the city, we are proud to create something
different – it’s an environment where people want
to live.” The development includes а gym, pool,
spa, restaurants and shops in a beautiful
landscaped area.

Kusto has two similar development sites in Kiev
with a total land area of 14 hectares.